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As with anything, designing a product with a single user in mind can leave you with a narrower group of people that your product can then help. This is why Bike Matrix isn't just focused on the end user who is browsing an e-commerce site, our mission is to help the entire bike industry! Having been bicycle mechanic's ourselves we know of the time that gets wasted looking for the right components, we know that sales reps seek out confirmation when helping customers with replacement parts selections, and we know that B2B Wholesalers rely on the individual to know which part they are after.

But what if Bike Matrix could show the mechanic, the sales rep, the business owner, the fleet manager, and the online customer, which components are compatible for a chosen bike instantaneously? No need to open a new browser and spend time researching, no need for multiple tabs, by simply selecting the bike brand, make, model and size, we are then able to show the components that are compatible with this exact bike. Providing true bike-specific compatibility, for the first time ever.

Look out for our future blogs where we breakdown what this means for each point of the supply-chain and how Bike Matrix will revolutionise the industry!

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