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how Bike Matrix works!

  • Bike Matrix is a compatibility solution that was built for the entire bike industry. Whether you're a bike enthusiast, industry professional, or run an online bike-related business, Bike Matrix is designed to make buying replacement parts effortless.

  • Bike Matrix is B2B software service that can be integrated into any eCommerce store, website, or software platform as it operates through the use of APIs. Once implemented, the end user can select a specific bike, and results are instantly returned to show compatible options within the store's inventory, streamlining the search for bike parts.

  • Our pricing is usage based and allow us to offer affordable prices for the smallest bike store through to enterprise players, we are confident that the value Bike Matrix will add will strongly fall inline with the usage based pricing. 

    Feel free to reach out to our team with any other questions or if you are in need of further information we would love to hear from you!

  • Compatibility is assessed at the component level, going beyond just like-for-like replacements. Our system considers compatibility from the perspective of a bike mechanic, taking into account fit and functionality to ensure that the parts are genuinely compatible.

  • Bike Matrix offers seamless integration with various website platforms. Additionally, we offer a dedicated Shopify App, making it easy to incorporate our compatibility solution into your online store. We can custom build an integration into in-store systems allowing sales staff and mechanics to have our solution at their fingertips.

  • Bike Matrix has been designed to be versatile enough to handle custom or modified bikes. If your bike is no longer in its stock configuration, our system will provide you with options to modify the original specifications of your bicycle. This way, you can still find the correct replacement parts tailored to your unique setup. 

  • Bike Matrix is the brainchild of a diverse and experienced team. Our founder, Adam Townsend, brings extensive expertise as a master bike mechanic and a long-time industry professional. He's joined by Adam Barnes, a software development veteran with over 20 years of experience in the tech world. Completing the team is Lyndal Bailey, who brings her background as a bike mechanic and direct eCommerce experience within the industry, ensuring a comprehensive perspective in building this innovative solution. See more about the team here.

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