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Ensure riders find the best replacement parts with ease and customise how they ride their bicycles. Don’t let confusion over compatible parts be your brand’s weakest link.

Are your compatible components being missed by consumers?

Your data is kept securely
in our database and is never exchanged during API calls.

Safe and secure

Join the industry's top manufacturers already providing accurate parts data.

Certified data

Manufacturers pay nothing to enter their parts information into our database.

Zero cost

Connect to any platform.

Bike Matrix empowers the bicycle industry and riders to find replacement parts with ease. Build the momentum by providing us with basic product information.

“With bike technology constantly evolving, consumers are flooded with new standards almost every year that can prove confusing and expensive when it comes time to replace or upgrade components. Bike Matrix will be a most welcome addition to our industry.”

- DT Swiss

The expected lifecycle of a bicycle is 30+ years whereas components start wearing out within the first thousand kms.

The availability of knowledgeable mechanics and sales staff is at an all time low within the industry.

Consumers spend on average 30-60 minutes researching which parts fit their bike prior to purchase.

Are you ready to join the world’s top brands in supporting a trusted compatibility engine?

Book a time for a discovery call.

Ready to get your brand seen on a level playing field?

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