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Spend more time riding your bike than fixing it; find and purchase compatible replacement parts first time. Easy.

Has finding compatible bicycle parts got you in a spin?

So how does it work?

Bike Matrix allows you to select your bike on your favourite online store and then see parts that are compatible with your bike.

I've spent countless hours wondering whether I'm buying compatible components. But Bike Matrix takes away the guessing.  

I'm worried about how this will impact my bank account when I can purchase parts without having to get my brain around mind-bending compatibility

So easy to use - I ordered parts in seconds. No more needing to look at previous invoices to check I'm buying the right thing!

What riders are saying!

Try it out for real!

“For better or worse, bike and component brands are continually innovating which creates a zillion compatibility standards. What Bike Matrix is building would mean riders are able to get the right components faster, easier and with less chance of needing to return a purchase."

- Aaron Kerson
PNW Components

Supported by the industry’s top brands.

Regularly customise your bicycle?

With the Bike Matrix app you will be able to modify your bike, or build a custom bike from the frame up, and we'll give you a unique bike ID that you can take with you wherever you choose to shop. Bike Matrix will tell you which parts fit your custom bike.

What’s it like having the world’s greatest bike mechanic at your fingertips?

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