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Online and in-person, Bike Matrix plugs into your POS or e-commerce platform operation to provide instant parts recommendations for customers.

Component compatibility mapping to revolutionise your retail business.

Reduce parts
Increase loyalty
and retention

A single source of truth.

Provide parts certainty in store or online to become a trusted, accurate and efficient source of truth for your customers. What’s more, with Bike Matrix mechanics can use the platform prior to and during service appointments and fleet managers can ensure reduced downtime.

conversion rates
Improve customer experience

Play with it in real life!

89% of customers hesitate
or abandon carts when purchasing replacement parts online.

Existing industry resources mean responding to customer queries can be time-consuming.

A powerful compatibility engine built on the industry’s top brands.

“Bike Matrix is changing the game! Who wants to buy the wrong part, when an epic weekend of riding is ahead. Finding the right part, the first time is something we can get behind.”

- Spank Industries

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