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To infinity and beyond!

As we coast to the end of 2023, it's time to kick back, grab our handlebars, and cruise down memory lane, celebrating the journey that Bike Matrix has embarked upon this year, puns aplenty! From our humble proof of concept to scoring some investment capital and unleashing a bite-sized version of our product to the world, it's been a wild ride filled with steep hills but also some amazing progress!

Back in February, we successfully nailed our proof of concept. It was like the moment you realize you can ride with no hands—liberating and totally thrilling. This was the true beginning of unlocking our compatibility solution, we knew it could be done, now we just needed to build it!

In March we welcomed Adam Barnes, our co-founder and software sorcerer, whose knack for understanding the tech began propelling us forward. It was like finding the perfect riding buddy who shares your passion for revolutionizing the cycling scene.

June saw us flying to Germany to attend Cannoyn Connect 23 where we were recognized as a strategic partner by Canyon and their journey forward, followed by Eurobike where the opportunity to speak with manufacturers and get work our about Bike Matrix was an ultimate success.

Fast forward to August, the month that was a game-changer for Bike Matrix. We snagged some crucial funding, and the support from our backers was like a tailwind pushing us up a challenging climb. It not only validated our mission but also fueled the engine for our journey ahead.

October was another high-five moment as we rolled out our baby, the bite-sized version of our product, the brake pad finder. It was the birth of our core features, laying down the tracks for a solution that's as comprehensive as a well-maintained bike chain.

We kicked off the Beta testing in November and you can now spot us rolling smoothly on and, collecting valuable feedback from the real heroes—the Beta testers. Their response has been like a chorus of cheering spectators, motivating us to fine-tune our product and give cyclists and retailers an experience that's smoother than a freshly paved trail.

The final Christmas present to land into our lap happened late in December. We are stoked to announce that we have been approved for the New to R&D Grant from Callaghan Innovation. For us, this is a huge validation of our innovation and we are humbled to have the support of New Zealand’s innovation agency during this stage of our journey.

As we pedal into the new year, Bike Matrix proudly boasts a database bulging with 25,000 bikes, with each bike enriched to achieve mechanic-level component specifications. And trust us, this is just the warm-up lap. In 2024, we're gearing up for a mass expansion of product categories and broadening our out-of-the-box software platform offerings.

And here's the grand finale announcement! We're strapping on our helmets and hitting the big leagues with our participation in industry events like Taipei and Eurobike. It's our chance to flaunt our innovations, rub shoulders with cycling royalty, and cement Bike Matrix as the maverick of the cycling world.

We're tipping our helmets to everyone who's pedaled alongside us so far, and we're stoked about the epic journey ahead as we continue to redefine the cycling experience with Bike Matrix. Here's to a year of triumphs and the promise of an even more kick-ass year on the horizon!

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