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Replace parts save bikes!

As technology evolves customers are constantly drawn to newer, shiner bicycles. Truth be told, their existing bikes have plenty of life left in them, but the attraction of longer, slacker bike, or a lighter faster race machine will always be tempting to most of us. Whilst this draw will always exist, there are plenty of riders who are currently in love with their bike and how it rides, all the remains is the need to maintain the parts that are prone to wear to keep it in good functioning order. Brake pads, chains, cassettes, bottom brackets, headsets, chainrings, tyres, wheel bearings, these components are all subject to wear and have a limited lifecycle, as opposed to a frame which can last 30+ years.

Additionally, as cities become congested, alternate forms of transportation are being sought after and cities are redesigned away from the car-centric and towards public transport, walkers, riders and light electric vehicles. With this comes the emerging micro mobility markets with e-bikes, cargo bikes and last mile delivery services, brining new ways for people to get around, albeit, on another shiny toy!

But with bicycles now being used more as a means of transport, more riders are taking it upon themselves to repair basic components of their bike, much like they would their own car that they use to commute with. What this means for bicycle brands is that customers are likely to remain loyal to the bike they own if they can continue to source parts for it and keep it running nicely. However, if they are unable to find parts with ease, and this bicycle continues to haemorrhage money by needing repairs at the local shop, where by parts have to be ordered in, then this trusty steed, no longer is so trusty and may be unnecessarily replaced.

Currently there is very limited information available to riders about their current bicycles, and often specifications are limited to overviews on the manufacturers website that do not always go into the detail needed. What this means is that when a customer is looking for a replacement part they are completely self reliant on working out on their bike and then what is a compatible replacement if they would like to replace this themselves. With the longevity of the bicycle being maintained by the rider, the bicycle brand is then seen in good light, it is recommended to friends, and the rider is also likely to be loyal when it comes to their next purchase.

Bike Matrix we will remove all of the confusion surrounding which parts fit a given bike, instead linking replacement after market parts back to a specific bike, meaning that riders no longer have to endure the pain of trying to work out which parts to purchase in order to maintain their bike, which means they can continue to ride the same frame they love for years to come. Get in touch to find out how to get your brand represented in our database.

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