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Park in your Virtual Garage! Benefits for eCommerce Vendors

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Having worked in the industry for quite some time, I can attest that one of the most heard phrases across the industry is, "Does this fit my bike?" Sometimes this question is met with a simple yes or no response, other times, it opens a rabbit hole and down, down we go, with countless hours being lost each day globally by individuals researching bike parts compatibility.

But what if that no longer had to be the case? What if customers could simply go to their favourite online store and load their bike into their Virtual Garage? They simply select their bike brand, make, model and year, and a moment later and they are browsing only the parts that will fit their bike, it all sounds too good to be true doesn't it?! Well, that being said, Bike Matrix have developed the fitment codes, mapped the database and are building the technology to bring this all to life.

What we know is that consumers are buying bike parts online and fitting them to their own bikes. Of surveyed online stores we found that for stores who are not selling bikes directly, parts made up close to 60% of their sales. What we also know is that the same model in the automotive industry has seen a 30% increase in actualised conversion rates. We know that of surveyed stores bicycle parts made up 46% of their returns. From personally working in the ecommerce environment we have seen just how many customers are reaching out about bicycle parts compatibility, hour, on hour. So in saying that, for any ecommerce platform Bike Matrix can increase conversion rates and average order value, reduce return, relieve customer service load, improve accuracy and strengthen brand trust. For eCommerce and the industry alike, Bike Matrix will revolutionise the way bike parts are bought and sold.

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