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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Moving forward Bike Matrix will provide a centralised source of bike specific compatibility information for the bike industry. Forget service manuals, deep diving into tech specs, having to open multiple tabs and swap between them, Bike Matrix will provide compatibility information seamlessly integrated, but what does this mean?

No longer will sales staff have to confirm compatibility with mechanics. With Bike Matrix integrated into a POS system sales, staff are empowered with the tool they need to recommend the compatible replacement parts for a customer's bike. This, in turn, increases efficiency as time is no longer being lost interrupting and checking with mechanics.

No longer will B2B wholesalers wonder if minor brands are being represented as viable alternatives.

With Bike Matrix incorporated into a B2B wholesale site, mechanics no longer have to spend time researching or checking compatibility on components for standards they are less familiar with. By providing bike-specific compatibility information, alternate compatible options, that mechanics may not have considered, are now be shown alongside the favoured known brands.

No longer will professionals spend time researching compatible components for the bike in their workstand, or wonder what options might exist when the desired replacement is out of stock. With Bike Matrix incorporated into fleet management software or workshop booking tool, mechanics will be able to research compatible parts using fleet or service information and determine which local supplier stocks the part they require to complete the job.

Our database can be interrogated through API integration direct to the backend of any B2B platform, POS system or manufacturer website, providing compatibility information at the fingertips of those buying and recommending parts to consumers. Wherever you look Bike Matrix has benefits for the entire industry, and it will remain a completely independent and unbiased source designed solely to provide bike-specific compatibility information for everyone, removing confusion for all.

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