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I'll need you to bring it in...

"I'll need you to bring it in" these words are so often spoken by sales representative or bicycle mechanic in a physical store when trying to determine the correct parts for a given bicycle. Funnily enough online customer service representatives replace this statement with, "Send me pictures, and I'll try to work it out." Cue example pictures we have been sent in previous roles!

This is all due to one reason: bicycle specifications are hard to come by and can often leave a lot unsaid. Let's say you own a road bike and want to replace the bottom bracket. On the manufacturer's specifications, it reads "Press Fit" under Bottom Bracket. However, this is only a fraction of the information needed to determine which bottom bracket would actually be suitable for your bike, as there are currently 28 different press fit standards. This is where having the ability to see which parts fit a bicycle becomes a superpower when it comes to assisting customers both in-store and online. For bicycle mechanics, it means having the ability to anticipate the parts required for a service prior to the bike's arrival. This allows them to pre-order any components that are not routinely stocked and explore alternate parts that B2B suppliers may have in stock as alternatives when the genuine part is unavailable. It also enables sales staff to determine which parts can fit a customer's bike without requiring the customer to bring the bike to the store or interrupting the mechanic to confirm the correct parts. For online retailers, it means no longer relying on grainy photos from incorrect angles to advise customers on the correct replacement parts. Instead, customers can use the bike selector on the website to narrow down the parts they require.

This ability also extends to fleet management operations, where sourcing reliable yet cost-effective parts is vital to the viability of fleet maintenance. Being able to see alternate options can lead to more economical purchasing decisions when all components that fit a given bike are displayed on a level playing field.

What this means for riders everywhere is that they will no longer have to drag their bikes to the shop to find out which brake pads they need or wait several days for a part to be ordered for their service. They also won't have to struggle to send pictures to the online chat help of their favourite online store to ensure they select the right part.

Bike Matrix is making buying replacement parts easier for everyone involved.

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