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Founder Highlight - The bicycle whisperer!

He has been called a magician, a guru and a bicycle whisperer! When it comes to bicycles and understanding which components are suitable replacements Adam (Townsend) is in his element. He not only speaks bike as a second language, he is also fluent in understanding what truly makes something compatible. This year will mark his 15th year as a bicycle mechanic and there are few bikes that he is yet to work on. Adding to this he comes from a background in engineering and has the ability to deep dive into complex problems and come out the other side with a killer solution.

Adam co-founded Bike Matrix in August 2022 and he has thrown himself at developing the worlds first compatibility solution that is capable of linking replacement parts back to the original bike. With a working prototype for each component of the bicycle and now a functioning database with API integration, things are looking very promising that a taste of the product might be available in the coming months. Adam's passion has always been around helping people understand more about their bikes, helping them understand how they work, how best to operate them, how to maintain them, and how to enjoy them. He has been known to run community cycling programs, focusing on teaching bicycle skills to all riders and getting kids involved in mountain biking. Like most of us Adam started riding at an early age, this quickly grew into a passion as he would cruise the streets on his BMX as a kid. Then as a teenage he progressed into the art of breaking mountain bikes on home made dirt jumps, whilst his destruction towards bikes has stopped his love of riding never has. When the time comes to play Adam's current bike of choice is his Ibis Ripmo which he custom built up from the frame, featuring Fox Factory suspension, some choice carbon FSA Gradient wheels, SRAM Code RSC Brakes and XO Drivetrain rounded out nicely with a aptly placed Rubber Side Down sticker!

Previously, he spent 18 months travelling by bicycle and could be found on a Muru Witjira Titanium fat bike cycling through the mountain ranges of America and camping in some of the most spectacular locations in the world. When asked what he loves as a person he responded: "I love being deep in the forest or high on a mountain or anywhere on my bike or somewhere I’ve not been before"

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