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Founder Highlight - Our Passionate Bike and Customer Experience Guru!

There are few individuals I have met who are as passionate about the customer's experience as Lyndal is. She has worked directly with customers in the cycling industry for the best part of the last decade, the roles she has held during this time have made her acutely aware of specific customer pain points and she is very keen to sink her teeth deep into solving one of these biggest ones there is, bicycle parts compatibility. Lyndal grew up riding bicycles and vividly remembers her mother guiding her on how to push off the ground to get herself going, it was three short pushes to the words "Mick-ey Mouse". However, riding bikes did not hold much significance for her until a life-changing injury lead her to cycling as a means of recovery. It was here that she found cycling gave her a platform to recover from several broken vertebrae and brought with it a sense of freedom that she had not previously had. After cycling 5000km solo by bicycle across various stretches of Australia she made the decision to jump into a career as a Bicycle Mechanic alongside current partner and co-founder Adam Townsend.

Interestingly enough, Lyndal admits that it was the challenge of selecting the correct replacement parts to fit a customer's bike that she found most daunting when entering life as a mechanic. One of her many hopes for Bike Matrix is that it will help remove this barrier for budding new mechanics that otherwise have the mechanical aptitude for the role. Her passion for all things bikes has only grown since that initial catalyst and she found herself thoroughly enjoying working as a mechanic and then workshop manager. "There is nothing that brings me greater joy and freedom than jumping on my bike and riding down a gravel road into the unknown"

Lyndal is most looking forward to helping craft the user experience (UX) that will guide end users through the process of selecting a bike, and further helping design the features that will then only show which parts are compatible with a selected bike. Having worked so closely with customers on this pain point she would genuinely love to make this process as seamless as possible. Our conservative estimates are that in just the past 2 years Lyndal has helped over 4000 customers select the correct replacement component for their bicycles, with her most recent role being as the Customer Service Manager of a large online cycling retailer. When she is not riding she can often be found with Arlo in tow, exploring trails and working on building projects with Adam. Having recently finished building a new home office, now affectionately called "Global Headquarters", the focus is on the next project. Lyndal is acutely observant, empathetic, and always has a keen eye for detail, which makes her well-placed to manage our ongoing customer relationships whilst also providing invaluable input to the user experience. For now, she will be seen wearing many hats and lending a hand in interpreting and processing bicycle data, something she understands all too well!

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