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Can we also use your product?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The intention of Bike Matrix is to make selecting the correct replacement parts for a given bicycle a straight forward process! We knew that our product would be key for eCommece businesses, it would be utilised in-store to aid sales staff and mechanics and potentially be used at a distributor B2B level as well. We hoped that manufacturers working in a B2C model might also be interested. What we hadn't expected though, while we were in the very beginning stages of discussing with them the process of getting their product data into our system, was how many manufacturers would ask us, "Can we also use your product on our site?"

The enthusiasm for our product was welcomed, but for us this question highlighted how widespread the problem currently is and just how much it impacts the industry's ability to function on a day to day level. As we suspected, manufacturers of all components, be those headset, wheels, drivetrains, chains, brake pads etc., are being asked by consumers if the products they manufacture will fit on their bike. Much like what we have seen for online eCommerce stores, these manufacturers aren't just being asked compatibility questions once in a while, they are receiving countless emails a day, all with the same sentiment, "I need help finding the right parts to fit my bike!"

Whilst every single brand we have spoken with does what they can to aid riders to find the right parts to fit their bike, they can't always provide this answer instantly when the customer needs it.

This is where Bike Matrix comes into play, with the ability to be queried 24/7 and easily integrated onto most platforms, suddenly customers can select their bike and see which parts are compatible at all hours of the day.

Providing instant compatibility removes the hesitation for riders, saves them from having to confirm via email or chat, resulting in a huge uptick for customer satisfaction, this increase in confidence then leads to higher conversion rates. It also relieves load on the customer service team from answering these questions themselves, and reduces the incorrect parts being returned. Win, win, (win, win)! Our goal is to partner with manufacturers to ensure that we have the most accurate product data, so that their brand is well represented alongside ours. We work with both bike manufacturers and parts manufacturers, with all of the product data that is in use being kept securely within our database and not being exchanged on our API calls.

So if you are wondering if Bike Matrix can help your B2C brand show customers if your parts are compatible with their bike, the answer is a resounding yes, get in touch to find out how to get your products into our database, p.s. it's free of charge!

- A snapshot of the current brands that we have on board!

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