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Can Sustainability exist in an industry designed around consumption?

Don't get me wrong, the cycling industry is built around shiny new toys, each better than the last, and as consumers we are always tempted by the latest technology to hit the market. Slacker geometry, steeper seat angles, gravel droppers, vibration reducing handlebars, the list of advancements in bicycle technology in even the last few years are endless. But the one thing that remains constant is the longevity of the bicycle frame. Long after the original chain has worn out, the brake pads are down to metal and the tyres have gone bald, the frame of the humble bicycle remains intact, gaining a few battle wounds along the way, but not wearing out at the same rate as it's components. Whilst this is not a design flaw by any means, it is also not a reason for us to seek out the newest, greatest stead to replace your trusty old friend with. Here at Bike Matrix, we understand that whilst we are encouraging the purchasing of bicycle parts, what we are really encouraging is for people to repair their bicycle rather than to see this go to landfill and be replaced. Too many bikes find their life cut short due to a frozen rust chain, flat tyres, or stiff shifting gears, all of which can be replaced. Thankfully the journey towards replacing these simple components is about to become easier and hopefully we can prevent a once trusty bike from being cast aside!

And hopefully, just hopefully, we can help ride share programs adopt the notion of repair vs. abandon if maintaining their fleet becomes easier with the use of Bike Matrix!

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